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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  January 27, 2011 12:30am-1:00am EST

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now. >> the winter blast creates major traffic problems. the evening commute that turned into gridlock, and the situation on the roads and highways, right now. >> coping with the heavy snow. how much more we could get before the storm finally moves out. >> special driver's licenses, the group that may be forced to carry them. >> and pouring beer, a new way. how it gives new meaning to bottoms up. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> a live look outside at this hour. snow falling at a rate of 2 inches per hour, for most of the evening now. it is now round two of snow tonight that has caused chaos around the region. >> at 10:00 at night. evening rush hour, is still
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going on. the jfx is now closed. it was a parking lot for a long time. falls road and northern parkway, no better. stranded motorists tried to dig or push the way out. >> actually lightning and thunder which we have seen and heard all night long. one of the many things this winter blast has brought us. >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. we knew the snow was coming. but as far as the timing. it was a perfect storm for disaster. >> absolutely. chief meteorologist vytas reid is in the sky watch center tracking the snow, and so far the totals. >> karen parks is live in north baltimore where roads are shut down. gridlock was a huge issue. but first keith daniels in belair where the most snow is expected. >> live at baltimore pike and kenmore avenue.
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snow has stopped here. few flurries falling. people that live in harford county have seen about 9 inches. when you think of weather like this, you think about driving conditions. there is a plow truck right now. the road conditions, roads are covered. crews were out, rolling through with plow trucks. busy. and people that live here, have been busy too. now, some people spent the day digging their way out of snow from round one. including one man that is making room in his front yard for his pickup truck. >> they don't want you in the road when it snows. because they have no way to plow it. of course, if you move your automobile, in your yard, if they catch you in the yard, it is a fine. so what do you do? >>well, we are back here live. cars are moving slowly. county officials say they have seen several accidents today. because of the weather. and maryland state police are
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tallying up those totals. they are saying if you do not have to be on the streets, don't. we're live in belair, keith daniels, fox 45 news "late edition". >> all right, keith thank you. there is now an evacuation plan for drivers stuck along the jfx. highway is closed at president's northbound. anyone stuck on it at cold spring has to get off at coldspring lane. anybody further up has to get off ruckton road. look at that traffic. make a u-turn. and come back down the other side of i-83. such a mess. >>well, a whole lot of people struggled to get out of the city tonight. at the height of the snowfall. karen parks is live in north baltimore. what is it looking like at this hour, karen? >> jennifer, it is still a mess. and it has been that way since 5:00 this afternoon. now, we have just learned that baltimore city's department of transportation, has announced, phase one of the snow emergency plan now in effect.
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that means, all vehicles traveling on city roadways, must be equipped with snow tires, all weather radials or chains. you just heard that 83 north is closed. 695 is in gridlock. 795 is backed up. and many of those commuters are trying to get home. most live on side streets. and this right here in north baltimore is what they have to look forward to. side streets packed with snow. virtually impassable. trapping many neighbors for days. >> don't come down here at all. big thing. if they made one pass. pack it down. or shovel it out of the way. so we could get up and down. some of the cars do not have four-wheel drive. mine does, i can get around sort of okay. but still not perfect. >> now, realistically, side streets may not be clear by morning, which will make for a very nasty, early commute. so if you don't have to get out,
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stay home. reporting live here, in north baltimore, karen parks, fox 45 news "late edition." >> thank you karen of. stay safe. snow caused a major mess out there. how much did we actually get? >> we will go straight to chief meteorologist vytas reid for a look at the totals and what we can expect tonight. vytas? >> this is a major mess. and one of the keys to the mess was it was during rush hour. we had snow coming down during the morning rush hour. and then second wave. heavier amount during the evening rush hour. that made for a disaster on the roadways. still people trying to get home at this hour, on closed roads at this time. looking at the current conditions. this is a winter storm warning. still in effect for baltimore city, baltimore county and points west. you see in pink here, until 4 a.m. now these counties just west. have been allowed to expire. good news. because that means that the storm is wrapping out. we may see the warning expire earlier based on the storm as it moves north.
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looking at the snow ending here. heaviest amounts of snow tapering off. over baltimore city, baltimore county, breaking up a bit. points west of us. are starting to get breaks from the snow. still wedges of snow right here over parts of eastern frederick county. western carroll county. continues to move east. as the storm moves northeast. we will continue to see on the eastern shore, still moderate to heavy snowfall for the next couple of hours. but low now is moving out over the atlantic. as the storm moves over the atlantic it will continue to drop that snowfall over the region. so continue to watch this snow closely. as that low travels up the eastern seaboard. we are not out of it yet. how much? anywhere from nine to 15 inches over the central portion of the state. we have seen so far on the eastern shore. four to eight. averaging nine to 15. and i will have another look at the storm coming up. >> thank you, vytas. >> biggest problem tonight. fielding calls. people stuck. stranded out there on the highways. some of the main highways, side
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streets too. it seems like no one was getting anywhere. and many places this evening. joining us right now on the phone is ed mcdonogh that mema. we know jfx is shut down. people stranded since 5:00, 6:00 tonight. what is "the game plan" to help them? >>well, unfortunately this storm just hit at the wrong time. we're trying to get crews or state highway, is trying to get crews out as quickly as possible. we're working to prioritize, moving things. i know we have had jack-knifed tractor trailers. ironically we prepositioned heavy duty wreckers along 95 because we had problems along there with the blizzard last year. problem is we are having trouble getting wreckers to other locations away from 95. >> what are you hearing about the conditions on the jfx. these are people, that have been stuck in cars. some trying to get off at whatever exit they can. they are stuck on the ramps. are you able to go people out to help them, that obviously had not anticipated being in their
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car for going on six hours? >> that's up to the local responders to do that. i mean we're providing whatever assistance we can, and coordinating with state highway for the roads around the rest of the state. but really, it is going to be up to the local responders, and local, and state highway folks to try to get these people out. and as much as possible, try to get where they need to get wreckers and tow truckers and get them in there to get them out. >> what is the big picture around the state tonight? >> big picture right now is around the state. now up to 300,000 customers without power around the state. and that number has been going up steadily all evening and afternoon. and we expect it will probably continue to go up because even though the snow is tapering off. the weight of the snow is on trees, and power lines. and that's going to continue to create havoc. and, of course, with the problems of traffic moving around. that makes it difficult for the power crews to get around and restore power. >> big mess all over. ed mcdonogh. thank you for bringing us up to
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date tonight. >> thank you. >> all right. thousands of passengers trying to fly out of bwi thurgood marshall airport. stranded at this time. all operations shut down. airlines tried to book passengers on new flights. they were told most morning flights have already been canceled. just a few minutes ago, melinda roeder is one of the stranded passengers. she called earlier and said hotels were booked. and doesn't look like people are leaving the airport soon. she told us one plane had been struck by lightning. >> and, of course, several schools, as you can imagine, are closing tomorrow. they are listed at the bottom of the screen. you can also find them online. or you can get a text message, when your child's school closes. fox 45 news mobile alert will send a message to your phone when it makes the announcement. go to and click on text alerts at the top of the screen. >> before heading out tomorrow, get a really good look at the traffic. school cancellations, and latest forecast.
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>> all right. you are looking at live pictures there of 695 at providence road. things seem to be clear as far as the snow plows and salt laid. but obviously the late evening hours. but a lot of people moving at a snail's pace, as you can see. many people stuck out on the roads. many stuck for hours. as you heard. kathleen cairns, our reporter has been stuck in gridlock for hours. she left. we saw her leave at 6:15 tonight. kathleen you are not home yet, are you? >> no, i am still driving. usually it is half an hour drive or so to get over here to howard county. and actually i just crossed over i-70, howard county line, about 15 minutes ago. and the first time i saw any hint of pavement was actually when i hit route 40 here in ellicott city. but i still have side streets to get through. so that could be -- even my toughest part getting up some of the hills which i have know have
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not been touched. >> on days like today you take detours. do you take 70 home? what do you do usually? >> try to go up liberty to hit 695. but it was completely grid locked. cars that didn't have four-wheel drive were unable to move. completely blocking the way. i turned around, went down northern parkway, tried to go up reisterstown, and i was on reisterstown road, at that little 3-mile stent, for about two hours. in fact, there were some amazing stories of good samaritans, a lot of people jumping out of their cars to try to help move other people, to try to clear some of the gridlock. there actually was an ambulance, that did not have a patient. it was a private ambulance. that was completely stuck. and, you know, people were trying to help the ambulance get moving again too. once again, i want to stress that ambulance did not have a patient inside of it.
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it was a private ambulance. >> before you go. >> a lot of people were doing what they could to help others. >> are there a lot of cars on the side of the road? abandon cars? did you see anything along the road? >> lots of abandon cars. i was worried about one to the left over the patapsco bridge on 70. because it looked like it was covered in snow. i was hoping that driver was not sitting in a car still. where they had been there a long time. i noticed that cars that were left, even on the side streets here on st. john's lane in ellicott city. cars are parked on the side like, i guess, they decided to walk home from there. but the problem is, everybody else is now trying to maneuver around them. >> all right. our reporter kathleen cairns that left at 615. we saw her leave. and on the road for five hours. she is almost home. just be safe kathleen. thank you for taking the time to talk to us by phone.
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>> when will it end? when will we all get home? >> back to chief meteorologist vytas reid for an update. vytas? >> jennifer and jeff, it is starting to wind down. looking at the radar. heavier snow is making the way across the bay. head to the eastern shore. snow over toward eastern portions of frederick county, western portions of carroll county. but you can see the breaks in the heaviest precipitation starting to taper off. may hear thunderstorms on the shores, kent, queen and talbot and carroll county. but central maryland it is winding down. as the storm moves north. looking at the low that will continue to track east. take the energy with it up through portions of philadelphia, new york, and boston. so if you have any plans to travel that way. they will be dealing with t late overnight, tomorrow morning. and we will be ding out. but they will be continued delays into tomorrow, and maybe even into friday. nine to 15 inches potentially
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across the region. some areas pockets of higher amounts around central maryland. eastern shore, four to eight. points west of frederick four to eight. but we got a storm. and breaking up. downtown light snow showers. tapering off through the evening. 35 right now. perfect wet snow making material. and we will see the temperatures drop behind the system with a northwest flow. temperatures get into the upper 20s tonight. clearing. and national weather service just updated has allowed the winter storm warning to expire for harford. baltimore and central maryland counties. and so that just was expired. storm will continue to leave the area and breaks from the system as it moves north. get some sunshine. to help us dig out. so snow coming to an end. 27 for tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. clear conditions. a little breezy. next system on friday. light accumulation. clearing for the week. >> all right, vytas, thank you. before you head out on the roads tomorrow. get a good look at traffic, school cancellations and even
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the latest forecast. during the commercial breaks. at the bottom of your screen. when you are looking at the ticker. you will get all the information you need from that. watch fox 45 morning news, starting at five a.m. >> or find out what the storm is doing, where it is going next. when it will be over. and if your school is closed. before your day gets started. sign up for mobile news. get text alerts for weather and school closing sent immediately to your phone. >> in other news. convicted sex offenders could soon have a special mark on their driver's license. state lawmakers are considering a bill requiring the mba to add a code to the licenses. of those on maryland's sex offenders registry. supportsers say it helps police, especially if a sex offender has a child in the car. >> it would be a code, only identifiable to law enforcement officers. so it would not be like a scarlet letter. hung around someone's neck. >> opponents say the code is moot since modern technology allows police to quickly access
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a driver's record. >> toyota recalls, almost $1.7 million around the world. for possible fuel leaks. the recall is voluntary. warning that some lexis models could have a loose fuel pressure sensor, could eventually lead to a leak. lexis dealers will inspect the vehicles and make necessary repairs. >> several potential jurors were dismissed earlier today in an animal cruelty case where a pit bull was actually set on fire. kathleen cairns reports, the jury was finally seated. >> the brothers, traverse, and termam set a dog on fire. pit bull named phoenix by the medical team that cared for it. until it was euthanized because of the injuries. the case got national attention. the publicity may be one reason why potential jurors like hudson told the judge she could not
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serve. >> if they sit there and listen to whatever happens, to the animal. your bias is going to go out the window right there anyway. so it is going to be hard for you to say, maybe he didn't do it, because whatever was done, to the animal, is going to be stuck in your head. >> during the jury selection, judge asked potential jurors if they had such strong feelings about the nature of the allegations, they cannot render a fair verdict. >> the trial could be lengthy. there is 38 potential witnesses who could be called to testify. nine of them are crime lab experts who are expected to give incite on the scientific evidence. >> animal rights advocates will be watching the trial closely. two brothers maintain their innocense. in downtown baltimore, kathleen cairns, fox 45 news "late edition." >> and opening arguments start tomorrow. >> common sense way to speed up
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the beer line. the bottoms up beer distribution system made the debut yesterday in philadelphia. the system fills cups like the name said, by filling from the bottom up. >> the beer is placed on a pump but at the bottom there is a magnet in the glass, so the beer is filled from here. and when the beer fits to the top, the magnet comes down and seals it in. >>well, makers of the system said it could make beer lines move nine times faster because four cups can be filled at once. >> the ravens begin work on their passing gam111)@t
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>> we first reported last night is official. the ravens have agreed to terms with terrell austin to become secondary coach. former defensive coordinator at florida replaces pagano promoted into the slot when madison left. he spent 2003 and 2008 with the sea hawks and cardinals, going to the superbowl with both. >> in mobile, the ravens active in interviewing players at the
12:54 am
bowl. and there is a trend. talking to receivers, duane harris of east carolina among them. off season plan is to shore up passing with john harbaugh taking a more active role. in fact, quarterback coach zorn did not make the trip. instead he stayed here to work on offense. >> elsewhere, a change in the offing for receiver ocho, he said he would revert to his original name, chad johnson, ends a three-year-term under the other moniker that is spanish for 85. his jersey numbers. he has done enough as ocho and time to move on. by the way, three years under the name were least productive of his career. looking for a new name. and feels the name change will help to make a fresh start. one team linked to him. is patriots. but this week, bengals coach lewis said he thought coach belichick was too smart to go after him. stay tune. >> to the college game. it was the most memorable play in navy victory over army. captain middleton caught the fumble.
12:55 am
and took it 98 yards. it was the longest fumble return in 129 yards of navy football. he will be honored monday at the philadelphia sports writer dinner for mvp of the dinner. >> in college park, maryland is making plans to honor the departed greivis vasquez. last year's acc player of the year, with the grizzlies, nothing official but it appears that february 20 could be the target date. nba all star weekend and they will host nc state. will not retire his number. pee shon howard is wearing it. but hung from the rafters when the terps career came to an end last spring, greivis vasquez was maryland all-time leading scorer with 171 career points. only player in acc hs
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>> before you head out on the roads tomorrow. make sure. >> you get a good look at the traffic, school cancellations and forecast. during the commercial breaks. watch morning news starting at 5 a.m. in 5 and a half hours. should be interesting to hear that show. see what is
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